Board of Directors

Robert Whigham, President
Robert Whigham is a highly awarded retired Army Officer with 30 plus years of service. His first assignment as an officer was to Haiti in support of “Operation Uphold Democracy” where he led and performed humanitarian missions with Army and Air National Guard support units. Robert conducted leader engagements with Missionaries to support his team’s delivery of essential items as clothing, food and school supplies to orphanages along the coast and in the mountains. Later he was deployed to Kosovo for peacekeeping operations. Again, his duties included humanitarian assistance to restore basic services to displaced Albanians and Serbs. He coordinated with Civil Affairs teams to support food drives, minefield identification, and debris clearance and restore educational facilities so children could return to school. Robert earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at Cameron University where he served as a campus television news director writing and producing stories impacting Fort Sill, Cameron and the Lawton Community. His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and numerous other awards of achievement. Mr. Whigham is eager to serve the Lawton/Fort Sill Community in any way he can.

Additional Board Members

Larry Lincourt, Treasurer
Reginald Brown, Secretary
Bob Dishman
Susan Quensel
Roberta (Bertie) Kantowski
Shirley Pace


Jeannine Lilly, Executive Director